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A Big Welcome. To White Cliffs Vets.

White Cliffs Veterinary Surgery is owned and run by Julie Culver B Vet Med MRCVS and Chris Reichmann TA MRCVS. We both have been looking after our clients’ pets in the Dover area for many years.

When you visit White Cliffs Veterinary Surgery you and your pet will notice the friendly atmosphere because we understand that your pet is a very special member of your family and his or her welfare will be our primary concern. All our members of staff are totally committed to giving the best possible care and advice and keep up to date on all the latest treatments available. We are an RCVS accredited practice and have been nominated for practice of the year every year since we opened. Our prices are affordable for everyone, and we will continue to provide special offers. It's easy to register with us, so give us a call.

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Firework Season

Preparing pets for the firework season


Many dogs and cats will try to hide when they hear fireworks. This helps them to cope with their fear. You can help your pet by making sure they have a hiding place where they feel safe.


  • Create a comforting ‘den’. This could be inside a wardrobe or cupboard, or behind a sofa. Pad it with old pillows and blankets to help soundproof it/
  • In the weeks leading up to firework season, let your pet have access to this den at all times and, for dogs in particular, offer healthy treats and praise when your dog uses it, this will build a positive association with this space.
  • A pheromone plug-in placed nearby can also help (available from pet shops and vet practices). These pheromones are calming scents that dogs and cats can smell but we can’t.
  • Your pet may already have a preferred hiding place. That is fine; they should not be forced out if this is already the place where they feel most relaxed.
  • Ensure dogs and cats are microchipped so that if they escape from the house, scared and confused, there is more chance you will be reunited.
  • If you have concerns about your pet’s phobia you should speak to your vet for help and guidance. Noise phobias in pets are treatable with the right professional help.


Cats and dogs

  • Take your dog for a walk well before fireworks are likely to begin.
  • Keep doors, windows and cat flaps closed.
  • Draw the curtains.
  • Play music with a repetitive beat at a medium volume to help mask the sounds.
  • Although it’s tempting, do not comfort or reassure your pets – they will feel that you are anxious too and their fear will be rewarded and encouraged.
  • Never punish your pets – it is not their fault that they are scared and it will add to their anxiety.
  • Let cats hide where they like – do not try to tempt them out.
  • If cats are scared, do not pick up or restrain them as cats prefer to control how they cope.  

Small pets and wildlife

  • Bringing hutches inside is the best option but if this is not possible, partly cover hutches and other outside cages with blankets so that they have some sound-proofing
  • Make sure hutches and cages contain hiding places and secure areas where they can go to feel safe
  • Give plenty of bedding – this will help keep noise out and provide a hiding place.
  • If you are having your own bonfire ensure it is nowhere near any pets.
  • Always check underneath a bonfire before lighting as hedgehogs may be hibernating there.



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    Saturday 0830 to 1200
  • Emergencies.
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    Call 01304 41 41 41
    & follow instructions

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