Learn more about our White Cliffs Veterinary Surgery practice in Whitfield

Our large Reception area has ample seating for you and your pet. There is a separate cat area to make the experience less stressful for our feline friends and we provide towels so that you can cover the cage to again reduce stress as much as possible. We also have a children’s table and chairs with colouring pens and pads!

Waiting times are usually short as we consult by appointment only and our appointment times are 15 minutes per consult.


  • We have 4 consultation rooms, and a separate Nurses Room.

  • Upstairs (via two sets of stairs or a lift) we have a large open plan Prep area. This is used for a variety of activities, from preparing patients for x-rays or surgery, to changing a dressing and minor operations. Here you will also find our intensive care unit.

  • We have two operating theatres. We perform routine operations such as speys and castrations, as well as more complex surgery like orthopaedics and eye surgery.

  • There is a separate dental suite for dental hygiene procedures or extractions. It is fully equipped with an ultrasonic descaler, high power dental drills and even digital radiology!

  • We have two large hospital wards – one for cats and one for dogs. The two wards allows us to reduce the stress that some cats experience when they are close to dogs. Within these wards we are able to accommodate anything from a hamster to a Great Dane.

  • We also have isolation facilities available for patients with suspected infectious disease where barrier nursing techniques are used to minimise the risk to other patients. The hospital wards are equipped with heat pads, oxygen cages, high tech fluid pumps and fluid warmers.

  • We also have a radiography suite. X-rays remain an important part of our diagnostic facility. We have a powerful machine, which can x-ray the thickest part of the biggest dog. The digital processor means we have a finished picture within 30 seconds. Our ultrasound machine is a high tech machine used in human hospitals and capable of scanning small animals as well as large dogs. We are able to perform any ultrasound scan from a basic scan of the abdomen, heart scan, pregnancy diagnosis to much more difficult techniques. We also perform ECGs and blood pressure measurements.

  • Our extensive laboratory contains equipment that allows us to perform most routine blood tests quickly and efficiently. In the lab we also examine skin samples (skin scrapings), urine samples (urinalysis), faecal analysis and cell-typing (cytology) usually with same day results. We are also able to culture samples for bacterial growth and test against a range of antibiotics – most other vets will send those samples to a lab, adding delays and cost.

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